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Eligibility & Benefits

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Eligibility requirements for membership

Any industrial company can join this program as far as a company who can technically provide advices, suggestions and participate in discussions with NMTRI faculty members, students and research staff members.

Program benefits

Collaboration with world-class research

  • Real-time knowledge exchange with Stanford faculty and gifted PhD students in microelectronics and related areas
  • Regular presentations, briefing and information exchange about NMTRI-related research and other information of interest e.g. NMTRI meetings, seminars, newsletters, facilitated access to program information through the NMTRI members-only website, etc.
  • The opportunity to send a visiting scientist from the partner company to be in residence at Stanford through NMTRI
  • Participation in the NMTRI Advisory Committee (AdCom)
  • Executive representatives from all NMTRI partner companies meet twice/year to discuss NMTRI strategy and precompetitive issues of concern to all parties
  • NMTRI assists with providing members the opportunity to engage with students for recruiting

Success parameters

  • Active participation by key “champions” (AdCom representative, mentor(s), other senior executives)
  • Dedication of effort and time to substantive activities (seminars, recruiting, hosting visits, etc.)
  • Involvement of many personal contacts inside the company (information exchange)
  • When in doubt, ask NMTRI for help

Cost of participation in NMTRI

Annual membership fees are as follows

  • NMTRI Members:   $100K/annually
  • For Full SystemX Members:  $80K/annually for NMTRI membership
  • For Associate SystemX Members:  $90K/annually for NMTRI membership